Mom VS The First Birthday Party–My Blog’s reawakening

OMG!!! Hold the phone!! I finally have a new blog post. Yes, life has gotten a bit overwhelming lately but my little man has some sort of routine now. He finally goes to bed around 9-ish giving me a couple hours of “me” time. Hopefully, I can blog more often. I have so many things I learned in the past few months being a new mom. Also, I may edit this I am sure I have some typos because its 2am already! I just decided to start typing.

I just wanted to post about Luke’s first birthday at least before his second birthday hahaha

I was searching and searching for a cool party theme. Honestly, I cannot really say that he has a clear cut favourite show or character. He can’t really talk yet so what if he doesn’t really like something? Plus, I was thinking to myself that this may be the only chance for me to theme a party that he doesn’t get to pick you know what I am saying?🙂 I kinda find the character parties cheesy.
I am sure in a year or two he will ask if he can have a “insert kiddie cartoon here” party.

So, after googling interesting first birthday parties I decided to have a “Little Man” party because after all Lucas is my little man.

I started planning in April for his June 7th party. I booked the venue only 2 months in advance so I wasn’t able to get his actual birthday, but that’s okay cause his birthday was on a weekday anyway. On his actual birthday we just celebrated at home. We took him on his first bike ride and went to the park. His Lala (lola/grandma) made some Black Paella for the family and I made mini Veggie Paella for Lucas. He loved it. I also baked him a 4″ eggless banana cake with whipped topping icing.

The First Bike Ride (He actually loved it)

Before the Plate Chaos Luke’s Little  Veggie Paella



The Yummy Paella Negra




The Little 4″ eggless Cake.. I kind of laugh when I look at it!

It looks like a kid made it, but it is so hard to spread

whipped cream that doesn’t have icing sugar in it!



For The Party

I wanted everything to be Unique, Homemade and DIY as much as possible.
It took a little time over several days but I think everything came out pretty good.

We had it at the WFCU Centre. It is a giant sports complex in the city. There are concerts there too sometimes. 

WFCU Centre overall view


This was the “greeting table”. It had some activities for the kids. 


I loved this idea I found on Pintrest where you fill out a “time capsule card” for Lucas to read when he is 18. We printed these on 4X6 photos and had people write on them with Sharpies.

I made the cards look like this:

timecapsulecard copy

And I made another one for Birthday Wishes to Luke for his album:



For the Kids we had Little Man Party favours. I was sooo happy to find the stick on moustaches, the party hat fedoras, and the nerdy glasses. 

I had this little activity where they could colour their own bow tie and wear it during the party.



I also wanted a simple yet quirky birthday banner so I just designed one myself.




I also made this Lucas welcome banner with random facts about him for the welcome table.

We edited the actual printed banner though because at the party he had 8 teeth!




I hand made these centrepieces…I had no idea what I was doing but I think they came out good too!



IMG_0668    10335763_10154173668630372_720717446_n


The tables looked like this. I wish I had a close up of the plates. I wrapped the forks and spoons inside those little napkin bows. It was super kyoooot! And of course I had to get those place mats and moustaches for the straws.

IMG_0659 10432377_10154300476135372_414264054_n


The most coveted table!!! The prize table🙂 And the bags to the right were the loot bags. Too bad I didn’t take a photo of the stuff in the loot bags or should I say.. the “stache” bags lol But it was a bunch of moustache themed stuff.




Here are the double chocolate cupcakes I baked. Can you believe that I used Luke’s old formula and snack cans to make the stand? I wanted it to look sort of rustic. My mom actually bought this cute cupcake holder I should have used too but I really loved the DIY.




Also part of the dessert table were these “dirt cups” made with almond milk pudding and oreos.




On to the Food! We had a total of 12 dishes along with fruit and a make your own sundae station. This was the middle of the buffet. We actually needed three buffet tables. I made the “LUCAS” out of paper mache. Thanks to Lucas’ Lala for helping me cover and paint them.




More food! I didn’t get a shot of the make your own mini burgers and the handmade mini pizzas Martina and I made. We had BBQ Chicken (like the CPK kind) and regular mini pepperoni.






This is the Cake I baked and decorated with Martina at 1am. Hahaha! It was my very first fondant cake ever. It was really fun doing it with Martina because we made our own fondant from scratch. I could have not done it without her. I know it kinda looks like a kid made it. It was funny because we didn’t plan out the colours or design. We just went with whatever!:) I figured out the “noob” mistake I made. I should have made just the bottom part cake and the top part styro….the whole thing was made out of cake!!! 



I loved all the signs I made for each area of the party.🙂


sign4 sign3



I gave re-usable bags to the moms with these little gift tags on them:

thankyouScreen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.23.10 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.23.28 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.23.35 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.23.48 AM


(The last three I found on pintrest and just printed) 

Everything didn’t turn out exactly the way I planned it but it was pretty good. I couldn’t have done it without Lucas’ Papa, Lala, Lola (sending things from the Philippines), Lolo & Tito Bobo helped carry things in for set up, Ate Emmylou, Ninang Klaudia and Nanay Del who helped me set up when we got there. Special mention to Martina because I couldn’t have cooked all those dishes without her help, especially the cake. I am so glad she came from Kentucky. For those family and friends who weren’t there, I really wish you all were🙂

The kids loved the games the most I think. We had pin the moustache on the face along with 7 other games.. including a moustache piñata filled with  mini chocolates🙂

Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures. Our 16GB SD card is lost. I am mini-panicing because those were the only other pictures we had of the party. The pictures I am posting now are all from my sister. I am so glad she took photos! Hope we find it soon. It had some video and pictures of all the kids looking like cute mobsters wearing their party favours, playing the games and what not. Ugh. Got to think positive! We will find it. We will find it…

I was hoping to have his birthday in Manila. It just couldn’t happen this year. I am still prepping Lucas to be ready for the long haul flight.. He does NOT have the patience to do it right now. Trust me…hahaha It would have been so much easier. Just a few beep boop beeps on your phone and you can order and have set up the cutest things and the cutest vendors…But, this DIY made it all the more meaningful to me.🙂

I received some e-mails from some readers asking for more posts hahaha! It motivated me to write more and I am planning (fingers crossed) to get on it asap. Thanks so much for your thoughts! It is UBER appreciated. If you want to know more about the nitty gritty of the DIY moustache party do let me know.🙂 You can probably tell in my photo I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before but it was SO-worth it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 2.26.14 AM IMG_0675

Next on MOMVSBABY.COM: What’s in my diaper bag(s)? Aka What I lug along in preparation for any type of baby related disaster!🙂


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Mom Vs The Super Late Post (My Little Jedi)

This is super super late! But, it is a cuteness overload none the less. Lucas was Luke Skywalker for Halloween. His costume was too cute! He had everything he needed to be a little Jedi thanks to the creativity of Mama Vic who made the costume for him when we asked her if she could come up with a Jedi Costume for his first Halloween.

We went over to our friend Mary Rose’s house. Luke’s bud Zio lives there. Interestingly enough, Zio was born only 3 hours earlier than Luke at the same Hospital! I guess Zio and Luke were just meant to be friends lol

Check out these pics of them (Weird layout..I know lol):

(We couldn’t take them door-to-door this year because it rained…BOO🙂

Zio was a Duck🙂

45564_10151752449586547_1283421247_n He wasn’t wearing the boots and belt here yet. This was his first fitting. The light saber was from his Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head🙂

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 12.40.43 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 12.40.16 AMScreen Shot 2013-12-31 at 12.40.04 AM

Halloween as Luke Skywalker and Ducky Zio

Halloween as Luke Skywalker and Ducky Zio

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.19.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.19.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 12.40.43 AM









What would be a good costume for next year?

What’s the cutest baby costume you’ve seen this year?

The full album is in the side-bar of my website!


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Mom Vs Scary Products on the Market 1

Hey Guys!

Gosh… I feel like I have been on a hiatus from my blog. I wanted to keep this current so I found time right now to make a post. I have so many upcoming posts in the works. I just need to find the time to do a product shoot of the things I want to blog about… which sounds like an easy thing to do but with my LO (Little One), it seems next to impossible. Luke has been having this great idea that he wants to start sleeping at around 3-4am instead of his usual 1am…for mom? Not so great. My me-time is being chopped away little by little.

So on to the post! I am SUPER is there a better word hmm…BEYOND obsessed with the idea of Longevity. I like finding things and practices that will help people live a longer and fuller life. I have done some reading on it like the book Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. I also got an issue of National Geographic Magazine a few months back.( Among other articles on the web, issues in Time magazine, etc.) It claims that babies born now have the chance to live up to around 120 years old if they follow all the known research to prevent well the lessening of their life. That is all I want for my family but mostly for Luke. I want him to be able to weed out the good and bad products on the market to be able to make better choices for his health.

Being deceived or uninformed on products really ticks me off! Ok, don’t get me wrong!!! I LOVE the Body Shop. Their products are so nice and seem to work BUT with my latest label reading frenzy… I realized that their body butters among other products contains parabens. For years and years companies have been using these in products as stabilizers. Actually I have read that over 85% of products on the market have them in it. What is the problem? Well, parabens have been linked to cancer and reproductive issues. While at the moment I guess there is no real proof that the parabens in cancer have been aided or caused by these products…if you think about it is very hard to prove. It is better to be safe than sorry. Sad to say I have 4 new body butters from Christmas and from the ones I have had or have the: Olive, Coconut, chocomania-body-butter_l


Photo Via (One of the ones that didn’t have parabens)

Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter have parabens but the other formulas like the Chocolate and Vanilla don’t contain them. I figured I would just use up what I have and NOT re-purchase these😦 Every time I pick something up now I check the label first and the more natural…the better.



Next up my beloved Vaseline (photo via I used to use it to soften my feet. You know the trick where you wear socks with Vaseline on to make your feet real soft?Well yeah. A lot of people use it for baby’s bums too, to act as a barrier and sort of a diaper cream. All my fishing has lead me to believe that petroleum jelly is not so harmless and not so safe. From the way that petroleum is obtained it can contain carcinogens. In other words the other cancer causing substance. Vaseline claims to be triple milled but who is to really say what it contains.




I know the Huffington Post is not the most credible source on earth but it does contain a summary of most of what I read in the other articles. Read more below:

So far I have been using this on Luke:

 So far it has been pretty good but I am still looking into other options like: coconut oil, beeswax, etc.phlkqj82sk1

Photo Via:

It’s just scary to think about all the chemicals and bad things that hide behind the labels. Just because something looks good doesn’t mean that it is actually good for you. In the future I will have more of my “finds”… I know I probably have more but the LO is about to wake up from his nap.

Catch ya later!🙂

What “scary” products have you found on the market lately?


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Mom Vs Media (Oh Boy! This is probably part 1)

Ahhh! This is a very sore subject and very personal to me at the same time. I see some kids these days and I cringe. How could they grow up so fast? Why are little 3 year olds talking about concepts like having a boyfriend?

I want my kid to enjoy his youth as much as possible. I don’t want him to feel pressure to do this or that or feel like he  “needs” something just because he saw it on TV. I know this is a feat in itself, but I would like to try my best to control all the media he is exposed to. This means all mainstream media: TV, Radio, Print, etc. This seems extreme but when he goes to school and in the future he will be able to choose (and hopefully be groomed to make good choices) but for now…I will. (Does it sound a bit scary haha)

I have read before that for children under 2 years old it is not advised to expose them to TV or anything that plays videos for over 30 minutes and after that from 2-5 they should not be left for more than 2 hours of unsupervised TV. I thought, hey this sounds do-able.

While I was pregnant call me crazy but I watched a whole lot of Netflix and cartoons on YouTube and TV. I was trying to screen things that I would eventually let him watch. Ok, first things first! Which may come as a shocker but, No Disney and No classic Disney.

I don’t want to ramble about this but I will make a few points. I was a disney kid growing up. But, re-watching the Lion King, Little Mermaid (my favourite), Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story etc…I have come to find these movies are really scary! When you watch them with a discerning eye… Here are some examples of concepts that you are introducing to your kid when watching Disney that they might not be emotionally ready for: Simba’s dad dies. Simba’s uncle is evil and wants to dominate the pack, violence in the fighting scenes, Ariel does not have a mother (this is not so much disturbing because unfortunately some people don’t have one but if you think about it almost all Princesses in the disney series don’t have a mom unless it’s like an evil step mom…what are they trying to get at), Ariel disobey’s her father, Ariel goes to a witch and sells her voice to be human, She is constantly after love, Beauty and the beast violence at the end, The idea that Belle’s father needs to go to an insane asylum, and don’t get me started on Toy Story…(These are only a few examples) I mean not to say that this will completely “mess up” a child’s mind but hey!!! They might think and think…and end up growing up too fast. I mean you have to admit that when you saw stuff like this when you were a kid you wanted to BE them. Now, think about it…really?

I like to review things before Luke will be exposed to it. I will also give me time to think on how to explain certain concepts to him without him being bombarded with images first and being confused a little later. Being a student of communications broke the glass for me when it comes to media exposure. It effects you, your family, society…media is powerful.

I took the time the other day to read this article:

I am not sure and have not researched on how many other people have done these kinds of studies. Just thinking about this idea and using common sense will make you think about it… They do seem to have a point when it comes to developing toddlers and tablets/media. I was always skeptical about letting Luke watch TV anyway. In the article it claims no more than 15 minutes for small children. This does make a lot of sense. *Sigh* It will be a hard but I will try my best to limit Luke’s media exposure. I do other things with him that are educational in place of it.

Since he was two months old I started doing flash cards with him. He seems to respond nicely to them even though he may not understand the shapes and colours yet. I also read a lot of books to him too. I would rather him have a lot of educational books than toys. I also like to take him around the house and point to things while telling him what it is. The task is pretty daunting… But am I constantly in search of new educational activities for him that will help his development.

For TV…So far, I love this show:

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood:
showposterThis is what I like about it:

Based on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (A Show I used to watch when I was younger)


During parts when he is using his imagination he says “Let’s make Believe” to signal that the silly and fun stuff that is going to happen is not real.

The songs are not as irritating as some of the other children’s shows (OMG…the Wiggles)

He is young and with his parents during his activities

His parents explain things to him that are new or hard to understand

There is no violence

If you are a parent this show is great! Each episode is exactly things that I would want to teach my kid. I cannot say enough good things about Daniel Tiger.


Blue’s Clues… I like this show a lot! Ever since it came out (I think I was in High School), I enjoyed this for kids. I like how interactive it is. It really gets a kid to actually think. I also like how Steve is an actual person.




I also like “Little Einsteins”. I love how they go on adventures to different parts of the world and ask the kid’s questions as they go along. I also like how they integrate classical music and art by famous artists in to each episode.

I do not like how they use the word “evil” and they do not really ask permission to go on these adventures.

For this reason, I do not really like Dora The Explorer. This is just because she goes on all these crazy adventures and she is independent. She doesn’t ask advice from a parent or anything. She just hops out of her house and goes on trains and through the mountains. I am still on the fence about Little Einstein but I do think that it is okay.


I was looking into the Backyardigans but honestly I cannot take the singing! It is so annoying. I want to be able to watch the episodes and explain things as the show goes along.

Even though I find Spongebob hilarious…not for him while he is little. Spongebob glorifies stupidity and is actually pretty violent. It has a lot of adult concepts and now..when I see it on TV..I am annoyed.

When choosing a cartoon, I try and pick the ones that are not so passive and ask questions to get the kid thinking.

I don’t know if this may seem a bit extreme to some but it’s just something that I want to do. I am still thinking of ways in which I can let him watch all the “popular” shows that are on while he is in school without him being flooded with unnecessary information while he is just a little kid.

We will see how this goes.

How do you guys feel about the media effects on children?
What are some good and educational shows?

I made this article in hopes that people who are unaware about the effects of different cartoons, will think a bit (/choose better content) before letting their kids veg out in front of the TV.


Feel free to leave a comment down below! I will try to get back to you guys as soon as I can.

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Mom Vs. The DIY Baby Monitor

I was never really in the market for a baby monitor. Some people do like leaving baby in a room by themselves when they are sleeping but that is just not me. If I did try that I would probably panic anyway and keep on checking up every so often. (When the baby is really small/months old) My personal choice was to just be around Luke all the time. But, the reality is…sometimes you gotta eat! When we were going through the stores looking for stuff to get we did see the baby monitors. Usually they have the ones that are just audio like walkie talkies or the ones with an integrated camera. Let’s face it…is it really going to be worth it to buy a quality monitor if you are only going to be out of the room for less than an hour? Not to me. A good monitor where I live would be $100 or more. So, we decided that we didn’t need one.


We first tried this when we wanted to watch a UFC fight in the living room and Lucas was sleeping. Mr. Man and I just took an iPad and a phone and called each other on Skype. Most everyone these days has a smart phone or tablet anyway. We propped the iPad far away enough from him and took the iPhone with us. It felt like a little victory! We could see him breathing and every little twitch he made. TA-DA! A DIY baby monitor. I can imagine you can do this with any App similar to Skype like FaceTime etc.

Now, I know some people may already do this. However, sometimes you have all this technology around you and you forget all the things that you could actually do with it. Then you go out and buy even more technology and add to the bulk. Don’t forget to use what you have🙂 And, there are times when you need a little reminder of stuff like this.


Totally Unrelated but Luke is sleeping in this photo. I play with his hands sometimes and intertwine them and pretend he is praying hahaha! He did it on his own when he was just 3-4 months old!🙂 Kyoooooooot🙂 I had to take a photo.

photo 3




Did you purchase a good baby monitor?



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Mom VS The Snot Sucker


Mom! What the heck are you doing to my nose!!!

One of the things you will feel bad about is when you see your newborn congested and stuffy. You need a nasal aspirator to clear those nasal passages. There is no way for you to have him blow is nose for a little relief. Most people are used to seeing these bulb aspirators like probably our moms used on us:




Now these may work but first of all how do you clean this thing? How do you know that bacteria is not lurking in the tube or bulb part of it? Also it does not have that much power to get out those sticky boogies. Some of these are so soft you can’t even squeeze out anything and some of them are hard and you think to yourself…Is this a joke? I have also seen horror stories of the mould inside these little bulbs. I am a certified germ0-phobe so PASS! NO THANKS!



1318873726sampleslideshow2Now this may come off as the weirdest thing you have ever seen! It looks like a pen with a straw.  When I got it in the mail from Amazon I was like WHAT THE…Ok, It is gross but for the love of your child…you do these things. You take the red part in your mouth and well…you suck. The air pressure you control sucks out the baby’s snot and boogers. It works like a charm.. EVERY TIME. I highly would recommend this to any parent. You will not get any of it in your mouth. I must admit. I was scared. But there is a filter that comes with it and prevents everything from coming up the straw.

This was designed by a doctor in Sweden. What a genius! Now I have to be honest and most of the time Mr. Man  (I might start referring to daddy Edward as this…I watch CoffeebreakwithDani all the time and I find it funny how she always says Mr.Man)does this. I do it sometimes but I  don’t have the lung power he has.


Nice design (even though it looks weird)

Easy to Clean

Works like a charm


Can seem gross

It won’t hurt baby but he/she might get shocked the first time you do it

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 (I took off .5 for the semi-grossness) hahaha

When we first did this to Luke I guess he was shocked that something was being sucked from his nose. He screamed bloody murder!!! But, over the next few weeks he grew accustomed to the snot sucker and even holds the little straw part and laughs when we do it.

What aspirator do you use?


Feel free to leave a comment down below! I will try to get back to you guys as soon as I can.

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Mom VS Some Baby Room Essentials/Little Appliances

So here I am on the hunt for little appliances I would need for Baby’s Room. I had several check lists given to me by my doctor, Babies R US, things I have read on blogs, and from and Some of the lists were so long! Now, I am thinking you cannot possibly need all these things for one tiny baby! So I did some research and I will do a mini-series of posts of things that I think are important for a newborn baby’s/baby’s room.

I had an Avent Bottle Warmer. It wasn’t good at all sad to say. I really don’t need one anymore but I wasn’t able to find a good one. I think bottle warmers are mostly needed only for the first months of life maybe 0-3 months. I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on that.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 8.24.31 PMThis one I had came with a gift set. I don’t know it wasn’t very good. Maybe I would rate it as a 2/5. It did heat the bottles but not very fast nor did it have an auto shut off. Sometimes it overheated the bottles. It was not easy to clean. It was-MEH.

I always wanted to have fresh milk for Luke and I really did not end up storing as much as I thought I would. Usually right after I pumped he would drink it like clock work.

These are things I found helpful to me since Lucas was born.

14611027_201309111130This is the Holmes  Ultra Sonic Cube Humidifier. I got it at Target for only $29.99! Most doctors will recommend this for a baby’s room. It will prevent Baby’s skin from drying up too much and also help with congestion. I have been looking at humidifiers left and right and some say they ultra sonic??Sounds so futuristic!:) I heard new humidifiers are better than old ones. The Ultra Sonic ones claim to break down water particles using high frequency giving a very effective penetration to the breathing passages of the baby. This is great especially if your baby is always stuffy or has a lot of mucus. Luke has yet to have a stuffy nose! (Minus some boogers which I will be talking about in my next post) I just got this in the beginning of December but so far? I like it a lot! The best part about it is there is no filter that needs replacing, but if it ends up sucking… I will definitely do an update.

While I was pregnant and during Luke’s first few months of life we had the Honeywell Natural Cool Moisture Humidifier (what a mouthful eh?). It is here:

Now it was very good at first, but you have to remember to change the filter every 60 days. The filter always ended up looking so gross and towards the end of it’s 10 month life it started to produce a gym-socky smell! Ewww…

Anyway, I would not recommend anyone getting that particular model.

If you do have a baby or a child a humidifier really helps! I can tell the difference. You will notice less congestion and better breathing in general for your baby and for you (if you sleep in the same room). We have it on most of the day.

Make sure to search for reviews of the products before you buy it. Things could get to be tricky and worse a hassle.

hamilton-beach-04383-true-air-allergen-reducing-air-cleaner One of my favourite things! The Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducing Air cleaner. I got mine on for $39.

This is a great little Air Purifier. I was skeptical that these machines ever did anything, but…When you open it up your will see all the dust bunnies etc that was in your room. You would be shocked! No matter how high our low you scrub..dust bunnies just creep up on you. I wouldn’t want Lucas to inhale any of that. I love the design of this product and the best best part is you don’t need to keep on buying filters! The filter inside is cleanable! Some other models are cheap but then the filters cost about $10 each and it needs replacing every month or every 2 months.

So let’s review: Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducing Air Cleaner





Does the Job

Cleanable Filter

Very Quiet

Sucks up any bad smells in the room from like a poopy diaper for example.


None at all

Overall Rating: 5/5

So far those are the two electric items I found essential.

_DSC0046 Let’s prevent those sneezes🙂

Have you tried any good humidifiers or air purifiers yet?


Feel free to leave a comment down below! I will try to get back to you guys as soon as I can.

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